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Dr. Mittal is a trained robotic surgeon and uses the da Vinci Xi system.  This system is robotic – it uses robotic arms and instruments – to assist Dr. Mittal perform complex operations using the smallest of incisions. 

In the da Vinci system,  the surgeon is seated and uses the 3-D images from a camera controlled by the surgeon. The da Vinci system instruments can be flexible and they articulate – they can move like (or better than) a human hand and finger joints.  This allows Dr. Mittal to perform complex tasks inside the patient with greater ease and precision when compared to standard laparoscopy or 'key hole' operations.


Dr. Mittal is always and in every way in control. The da Vinci system is not programmed to perform the procedures; it makes no decisions and, in fact, makes no movements that are not originated by the surgeon.

Dr. Mittal routinely performs robotic cholecystectomy, robotic hernia repair and robotic pancreatic operations.  Some insurance companies cover the robotic fee, while others require the patient to cover the cost which is different for each operation performed. 

In summary, Dr. Mittal has better 3D vision and articulated instruments when using the robot, and this allows for more precise operating.

Robotic cholecystectomy

Robotic inguinal hernia repair

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